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ASENZ Web Marketing is a Google Engage Partner.  We'll help you navigate the often frustrating process of understanding how Google and other search engines rank a website, what tools are available, how they work, and most importantly, the fastest  solution to a well-positioned, lead-generating web presence.






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About our Senior Web Marketing Specialist

Jean M. Rowan, Senior Internet Marketing Coach
Jean M. Rowan is a partner with ASENZ Web Marketing.  After a 20-year career in corporate marketing, she partnered with other Internet marketing experts to bring affordable, easy-to-manage web marketing strategies to small and local businesses.  Since then, she has coached hundreds of small business owners and managers toward substantially better performing websites, PPC/Google Adwords campaign strategies, Internet marketing campaigns and e-mail marketing solutions.

Local Search Engine Optimization

80% of searchers research online before buying in a 10-20 mile radius.

Your local businesses simply can’t afford to ignore online marketing. ASENZ Web Marketing is your one-stop shop to bring in more customers. Everyday customers are looking for what your business has to offer. We’ll make sure your businesses gets the visibility it deserves.

We are experts in:

Enhanced Google Maps/Google Places listings:
  • Optimized (researched for popular search terms) category selection
  • Optimized (researched for popular search terms) business description
  • Image placement that most accurately represent your products/services
  • Offer creation to encourage calls or visits to your website
Locally focused Google Adwords Campaign set-up and management:
  • ASENZ Web Marketing develops a list of researched keywords that best represent the products or services you sell.
  • We writes and test targeted ads matching those keywords and uploads the ads, keyword lists, and bid prices Google Adwords
  • Your ads appear in the sponsored links and Google display sections when a potential customer performs a search using those keywords.
  • Searchers click on your ads and are directed to the most relevant page of your website, where you can capture them with an enticing offer and convert them into a customer.

Not sure how your business can take advantage of the Internet?

ASENZ offers Web Marketing Coaching.

It's the most affordable way to get off to the right start or get back on track.

We all know the incredible power of the Internet Marketing.  But how can you take advantage of search engine optimization, PPC, email marketing and internet advertising to grow your business? 

Consult with an expert Online Marketing Coach
BEFORE building a website or upgrading your present website.

Your Internet Marketing Coach will:
  1. Give you practical, easy-to-implement recommendations on how your business can use the power of Internet marketing tools to gain more visibility and qualified leads for your business by:
    • Analyzing your keyword strategy and recommending more popular keywords and phrases
    • Comparing your current web presence with industry best practice
    • Comparing your current web presence to competitor sites

  2. Walk you step-by-step through the process of understanding and creating:
    • Your business's Unique Selling Proposition
    • Your target audience profile
    • A keyword set that is popular among target audience searchers
    • An opt-in offer that appeals to your target audience

  3. Provide you with a complete specification for a lead-generating website for your business

The ASENZ360 Full List of Online Marketing Services

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