8020 Medical Service Organization - New Website Goes Live!

New Physician Start-Up Discount | 8020 MSO San Antonio
The 80/20 Medical Service Organization is owned by an R.N. and a CPA. Together with their certified coders, they provide billing, physician credentialing, authorization, eligibility services, bookkeeping and payroll services all under one roof. They are a one stop shop for physicians’ practices, healthcare providers and outpatient facilities. Learn more about their backgrounds in medical billing and bookkeeping services and how they can help your medical practice.

Maximize your insurance reimbursements and medical practice revenue

Put their experience and proficiency to work for you in helping to streamline all aspects of your medical billing and collections. As a highly respected and locally-owned medical service organization, their highly trained personnel have the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize the billing and collection performance of your medical practice. Read more about medical physician billing and out-of-network billing.

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McDonald Signs - New Website Goes Live!

Storefront Signs | Signs San Antonio | led illuminated signs | FREE SIGN DESIGN  | McDonald Signs Texas
LED illuminated signs make your business stand out

McDonald Signs has built a reputation as the premier LED channel sign maker in the San Antonio area. Owner Noel McDonald is a master sign electrician with 35 years of experience in the signage industry. LED signage is an effective and economical way to garner attention for your business, costing just pennies per thousand views. Click here to learn more about LED illuminated signs >>>

Exposed neon sign creator for storefront signs

Custom-made neon signs from McDonald Signs offer a cool retro look, as well as being eye-catching and visible at a great distance. Add motion and you have really unique signage above your door to help draw in customers. Read more about why McDonald Signs is your best choice for neon signs in San Antonio >>>

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The Cabinet House San Antonio - New Website Goes Live!

Kitchen Design San Antonio | Kitchen Cabinets San Antonio | Misty Ricks
Choose from 10 lines of high quality cabinetry

Remodel your kitchen, bath or other areas of your home with beautifully constructed, furniture-quality cabinets from The Cabinet House. Owner Misty Ricks will help you choose from the 10 lines of cabinets she offers, providing guidance about finishes, styles and accessories, all available at wholesale prices. Be sure to visit The Cabinet House showroom for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, custom cabinets, inset cabinets, frameless cabinets and others! Learn more about The Cabinet House lines of cabinetry in San Antonio.

Visualize your kitchen design in San Antonio with 3D rendering

After meeting with you to discuss your ideas and needs, Misty will provide you with a complimentary 3D rendering to show you how your new cabinets and the other components of your renovation or remodeling project will fit into your floor plan. The realistic model gives you a true-to-life picture that simplifies the decision process. Read more about how Misty can help you with your project.

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Texas Premier Roofing - New Website Goes Live!

San Antonio Roofing | Roof Repair San Antonio | Danny Barrera
Your best source for San Antonio roofing

Texas Premier Roofing is a fully insured company that provides an experienced team of roofers for replacement and installation of all types of roofs using the highest quality materials. Contact them for an estimate, whether you want GAF composite shingles, modified bitumen or standing seam metal roofing in San Antonio. Learn more about our roofing materials and warranty >>>

They find the problem and fix it—call they for roof repair in San Antonio

Leaky roofs are a headache and it’s not always easy to determine where the leak originates. Texas Premier Roofing has the expertise required to locate the source of the leak and make the repair. They have many years of experience repairing clay and concrete tile roofs as well as composite shingle and other types of roofing in San Antonio. Read more about our roof repair services >>>

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J. A. Lanier & Associates Public Adjuster - New Website Goes Live

Helping clients negotiate insurance claims in Texas

J. A. Lanier & Associates is a professional Texas public insurance adjuster offering estimating and damage assessment services. As a licensed public adjusting firm, they handle insurance claims on your behalf to ensure that your loss is negotiated properly, fairly and in a timely manner. Specializing in the multi-family and apartment industry, they  also handle claims for shopping mall, restaurant, commercial, and industrial losses.

Types of claims they handle on your behalf

Many policyholders are unfamiliar with the process of filing an insurance claim, and the task is even more daunting when you have suffered a catastrophic event. A qualified Texas public adjuster such as J. A. Lanier & Associates has specialized skills and knowledge to simplify and expedite the process while helping to protect your interests.

texas public Adjuster | J. A. Lanier & Associates | Jason Lanier
The types of claims they help clients process include:
  • Building Collapse
  • Explosion
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Hurricane
  • Ice Storm
  • Tornado
  • Wind

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Shavano Commercial Property Development - New Website Goes Live!

Commercial Property Development San Antonio | Shavano Commercial

Variety of high-end retail and office space available along the prestigious Loop 1604/Shavano Corridor in San Antonio

Denton Communities/Bitterblue, Inc. offers over 60 years of experience developing, building, selling, leasing and managing commercial real estate property in San Antonio. Shavano Commercial is a prime area along 1604 with a wide variety of high-end retail and office space conveniently located near prestigious residential areas. Denton Communities/Bitterblue, Inc. can assist you with retail property for sale or lease in this area.

Learn more about retail opportunities in San Antonio


Denton Communities/Bitterblue, Inc. facilitates your commercial real estate project 

Each commercial property sale is different. Denton Communities/Bitterblue, Inc. knows how to tailor the space to best suit your business or investment needs. Our company can provide you with custom retail or office construction on a build-to-suit or build-to-lease basis. Turn your vision for commercial realty into reality.

Read more about how Shavano Commercial can help you

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Tags: Commercial Property Development San Antonio | Shavano Commercial | San Antonio Email Marketing

Critter Evictor - New Website Goes Live!

Rodent Control in San Antonio | Critter Evictor
Call Critter Evictor for guaranteed rodent removal in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Lee Pitluk, owner of Critter Evictor, established the company after more than 25 years working in marketing. He was ready to move to a more tangible, pro-active business where he could deliver a quick and effective solution to a real and often hazardous problem.

Lee says that while pest control companies are the ones to call to eradicate insects, they might not be your first choice for rodents and other animals. “About 30 percent of our business comes from people who have already hired one company that didn’t do the job completely and didn’t provide a finished solution,” said Lee.

“Understanding the analytical brain of a rodent is much different than knowing about the simple act of survival displayed by an ant or a roach. Our methods work because we use proven tactics and strategies that get people out of the cycle of trapping,” Lee says.

Lee treats his customers like family, providing excellent service and staying with the job throughout the 15-month warranty period or until the problem is gone.

He sums up his business this way: “If you have animals in the skeleton of your house (attic, walls, chimney), we use pheromones to run the animals and their offspring out, come back the next day to do the exclusion work and then ensure that nothing was locked in or left behind. Our philosophy is One and Done, so customers should not have to deal with the animal control problem once we have finished our work.”

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Mandarin Gems - New Website Goes Live!

Mandarin Gems San Antonio | Pearls of Wisdom Special Events
Jennifer Hsu is carrying on the family tradition with Mandarin Gem, a store opened by her parents in North Star Mall about 30 years ago.

“Our family started an Asian gift shop in front of the Alamo in 1967,” said Jennifer. “The 1968 HemisFair was the motivation for them to move from Austin to San Antonio. Our parents started with Jade Tree at North Star Mall in 1979. When Frost Brothers department store closed in the mall in the 1980s, our parents decided to open a second store in front of the space the department store had occupied.”

Mandarin Gems initially sold fine gold and platinum jewelry from Asian artisans. When Jennifer joined the family business in 1994, she began to create and design her own jewelry. From the mid-1990s to early 2000, she created many custom designs for catalogs that USAA published for their members. She created one-of-a-kind pieces in both gold and silver.   

Jennifer said that her parents had planned for Mandarin Gems to feature exotic gems (such as jade, coral, Lapis, Baltic amber and pearls). Her mother focused on amber when most people never heard of it. The 1993 movie Jurassic Park, which had amber as part of the plot, helped make Mandarin Gems a big sensation in San Antonio.

“It was never our parents’ intention to be a conventional jewelry store,” said Jennifer. “We do not carry watches, nor do we have big collections of diamonds. I chose to emphasize pearls from all over the world, which is why I have been called “the Pearl Queen of San Antonio.”

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Odiz Bench Grinder Safety Products - New Website Goes Live!

Free No-Go Bench Grinder Safety Gauge | Odiz
The No-Go Bench Grinder safety gauge can help decrease the risk and chances of a hazard, injury or fatality.

No-Go Bench Grinder Safety Gauge helps prevent injury
Each time before starting up an abrasive wheel grinder, operators can check the size of the work rest opening with the patented No-Go Grinder Safety Gauge point of use tool. The gauge tests gaps within the OSHA standard. Learn more about Odiz Bench Grinder Safety Tools>>>

Replacement grinder tongue guard is a cost-saving solution
Save money with the Odiz universal tongue guard replacement for bench grinders. They are sturdy and adjustable and prevent you from having to replace the whole bench grinder. Find out more about Odiz replacement grinder tongue guard >>>

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PHI Construction Remodeling - New Website Goes Live!

PHI are Specialists in commercial remodeling in Texas
PHI Services is a licensed construction remodeling company with expertise in apartment renovation in Texas. Property management companies contract with us to remodel multi-family complexes because they efficiently perform high quality work. Click here to read more about how they can update interiors and exteriors to improve the value of your rental properties >>>

Experienced in New Construction
In addition to remodeling, PHI Services is also a construction contractor for large-scale building projects such as apartment complexes. Click here to learn more about their commercial construction services >>>

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