Ken Ashe Film Producer: New Website Goes Live!

Ken Ashe Film Producer
Your corporate training video will be completed on time and on budget.

Development of a corporate video involves knowing your company and understanding the best way to express your message. Humor? Animation? Hands-on demonstration? Whatever your needs, Ken Ashe can help you produce a first-class video that makes an impression. His crew will be carefully chosen to fulfill the demands of your project so that you have all of the right people each step of the way. And your video will be finished on or before your deadline and within your budget.  Click here to learn more about Ken Ashe and his work.

One of the leading video and film production companies in Texas

Although his base is in San Antonio, He spends a great deal of time in Los Angeles, which gives him the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced and talented people in the industry in both states. His client list includes major advertising agencies, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Studios, Payless, Burger King, CDC, Western Union, Continental Airlines, and Proctor & Gamble. Ken invites you to contact him about collaborating on your next project for TV commercial video production, video special effects and animation, or independent films and documentaries.

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RH Shackelford Construction Management - New Website Goes Live!

RH Shackelford Construction Management in Texas
R. H. Shackelford, Inc. is a full service engineering firm providing the full spectrum of services from needs assessment through design, construction and warranty. The firm was founded by two retired US Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officers and the former owner of a general contracting company. Their experienced staff of program managers, construction managers, professional engineers, engineers-in-training construction inspectors and estimators will tailor their expertise to fit your needs.

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Industricell - New Website Goes Live!

Specializing in off-grid solar applications for the energy sector

Industricell offers solar power solutions, great customer service and high quality products that save you money while supporting American jobs. Their solar panels and solar batteries are in demand by service businesses who require off-grid solar power systems. All of their solar panels, including 12V solar panels, are flash-tested to meet or exceed your expectations. Industricell offers the only small wattage solar panel currently made in the USA. Read more about their solar panels. Customize your system for your solar power needs

No matter what your solar power needs are, Industricell has the products available for you. They can help you determine your power requirements if you need assistance. Click here for their Customized Solar Solutions form.

Solar batteries: flooded, lithium iron phosphate and 12V sealed lead acid batteries

Industricell offers three types of 12V batteries. Ask about their sealed lead acid 12V 110ah AGM deep cycle Coastal Plains Power battery, the Industricell flooded Group 27 12V 90ah deep cycle battery and their own line of long-life lithium iron phosphate batteries in two sizes. Learn more about solar batteries.

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Camargo Custom Machine Shop - New Website Goes Live

Your precision machine shop in San Antonio for custom metal fabrication

Camargo Custom is a family-owned and woman-owned business in San Antonio that specializes in industrial machining including turning, threading, milling and welding. Their fabrication work is mostly done by hand and customized because each project is unique. They can save you money by making parts or repairing parts for machines that would otherwise be sidelined because they are inoperable. No job is too small. They are always on call and can pick up and deliver. Learn more about their custom metal fabrication in Texas.

Custom welding services keep your machinery running

If you are in need of welding work, Camargo Custom uses Metal Inert Gas (MIG) for fast, high quality welds; Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) for high quality arc welds using a tungsten electrode and Stick Technology for shielded metal arc welding. Read more about their cost- and time-efficient welding services to keep your machinery up and running.

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Nuevo Technology - New Website Goes Live!

Leading in the development of ultra high pressure/low volume waterjet technology 

The Nuevo Technology engineers have more than 20 years of experience with Ultra High Pressure/Low Volume waterjet. Because UHP/LV replaces volume with velocity, the process requires less water and is more effective than traditional high pressure water blasting for a wide range of exciting and innovative industrial and agricultural uses. 


Clean technology applications for a variety of industries

At Nuevo Technology, our staff has been extensively involved in developing solutions for a wide range of industry problems, including:

    •    Surface rejection coating
    •    Effluent management for dairy, hog and poultry farming
    •    Pavement preservation and bitumen flushing surface treatment
    •    Aircraft surface preparation


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DJ Solrac - New Website Goes Live!

Let’s get the party started!
One of the most popular DJs in San Antonio, Texas is DJ Solrac, an experienced and professional music master who will keep your guests on the dance floor all night long. Whether you are looking for a DJ for a quinceañera, Sweet 16, corporate or wedding DJ in San Antonio, you’ll be amazed at the fun and entertainment DJ Solrac provides.

DJ Solrac brings the magic to your event
As the former MC and DJ for Quinceañeras Magazine and as current house DJ for Bluewing Ballroom in San Antonio, DJ Solrac knows how to crowd the dance floor. Feeling the vibe of your guests, he senses exactly what music they want and plays it to their beat. But it’s more than music that makes the party—other San Antonio DJ services that DJ Solrac offers include:

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