Built in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, search engine marketing

We build your website with SEO in mind to ensure

that you can effectively be found on the Internet!

A great looking website is not enough

Your site needs to attract search traffic and encourage visitors to
interact. Looking good is just not good enough!

Over 80% of web surfers use a search engine to find information

Expert search engine optimization is critical to delivering qualified sales leads
and increased traffic to your website.

Search engines are very dynamic with constant change being the industry norm.
Keeping up with all of the changes and how that affects your business success is
a full-time job. You can count on us to know what’s going on within the industry,
ensuring that your website attracts targeted prospects searching for what you offer.

Getting you ranked at the top

It's very important for your website to be listed in the first page search
results when potential customers are searching online for your product
or service. When you are up against thousands of competitive
websites, working with a company that understands how to get your
website into the top search results is extremely important.

Here's what's included

•  Research of the most popular keywords and phrases used to find
   your product/service.

•  Placement of the researched keywords/phrases within your pages,
   meta-tags (used by search engines), title tags (keyworded descriptions
   of each page on the site for the search engines).

•  Submission of the optimized site to >150 major directories and search
   engines, all relevant local and regional search engines and directories,
   Google Maps, and all relevant industry-related directories.

•  Monthly reporting of number of site visitors, average time spent on the site,
   average pages viewed by the visitor, what links they used from your home
   page, what search engines and directories they used to find your site, and
   what keywords/phrases they input to find your site.

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