Training to management your own website content

With SITE360 training, changes are easy

Let's face it. Things change. Perhaps you want to change pricing for products on your site.
Or you've decided to eliminate an old model number. Maybe you've changed a company
policy and just want to rewrite a sentence. If you've ever faced the hassles of getting a
programmer involved to make simple changes to your site, you understand how valuable
it is to be able to do it yourself.

Now you can—because with your ASENZ360 solution, it's easy to manage the content
on your site. Best of all, it was designed for those with little to no technical experience.
In fact, if you can use email and a word processing application, you can be trained to
use this amazing content management system.

Here's how it works
For every module you subscribe to, you get two hours of training with one of our skilled
Configuration Specialists. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Learning how to use the ASENZ360 platform is easy, but if you
ever forget something, we even have instructional videos you can reference!

When your site goes live, schedule your training sessions
Once your solution is designed, configured and "live," we'll schedule time with one
of our Configuration Specialists who will train you on the specifics of your solution.
Depending on which modules you are using, you'll learn to revise content, add
products to your commerce pages, upload images and videos, create blogs,
schedule events, send branded promotions, search your database—and more!


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