At ASENZ Marketing, you’ll get
plenty of hands-on training
from us. With our SaaS
(Software as a Service)
model, you can get your
training in person or
from any remote location
via a web browser.

Learn how to management your website

You’ll receive two hours of training on each
module included in your package

Data Center Training includes:

•    Adding/Amending your data fields
•    Adding/Uploading new contacts
•    Setting up segmented mailing lists
•    Exporting your data for offline use

Site Center Training includes:

•    Changing/adding text and images on your website
•    Hyper linking content and images
•    Adding pages to your website
•    Adding new pages to your site navigation

Message Center Training includes:

•    Using your branded templates to creating a promotion or newsletter
•    Adding images to your messages
•    Hyper linking to specific content on your site
•    Hyper linking to other resources
•    Sending your message to all or specific targeted contacts
•    Tracking and understanding your message delivery and open rates

Commerce Center Training includes:

•    Adding new products to your catalog
•    Amending product descriptions, images, pricing, shipping and payment information
•    Managing the categorization of your products for easy search
•    Setting up your auto-generated order confirmation emails
•    Publishing new products to the site

Event Center Training includes:

•    Setting up an event
•    Amending event descriptions and pricing
•    Setting up your auto-generated confirmation emails
•    Exporting your attendee list

Statistics Center Training includes:

•    Tracking site traffic by:
      —Number of visitors
      —Page views per visit
      —Average time spent on each page
      —Keywords used to find your site
      —Search engines used to find your site
•    Tracking which forms visitors are using to contact your business
•    Tracking sites that refer visitors to your site

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