Tops In Blue 
Known as the Air Forces’ Expeditionary Entertainers; Tops In Blue’s main mission is to perform for military personnel and their families throughout the world. The website includes online audition forms and video uploading capability.

Fit Family’s goal is to be a resource for ways to keep Air Force families fit.  The content is easily changed and archived every two weeks to keep information fresh. Features include a goal tracker designed to keep track of families’ fitness progress, healthy webinars, a chat, tests and tips
and more.

United Methodist Church Southwest Texas Conference
This organization provides resources and supports the programs of more than 350 churches in South Texas. Their current online presence integrates content and services that were previously offered through several, seemingly disconnected sites. Their ASENZ360 solution allows them to maintain and update site content themselves, capture site visitors and inquiries on the spot, keep their congregation informed, and even accept event registrations and sell merchandise!

Medtra provides a range of clinical education options designed to help professionals stay current and advance their skills despite the usual time constraints and challenging workloads. Here ASENZ360 is used to publish their most current timetable and course offerings.

New Zealand Book Council
This government supported organization operates a wide range of acti vities and programs designed to promote books and reading by bringing readers, writers, publishers, editors and schools together. They use ASENZ360 functionality to grow and maintain a large membership base. They also publish an events calendar and take bookings for a large number of promoted events.

The Biz Centre
The Biz Centre provides capability assessments and manages and delivers small business enterprise training contracts on behalf of the New Zealand government. The Biz Centre needed a system to market a variety of programs and track activity and attendance centrally. ASENZ360’s integrated database provides a comprehensive view of all registrant activities and is used for internal and external reporting requirements on assessments, activity levels and performance monitoring. This enabled The Biz Centre to quickly comply with all government reporting requirements, while providing an online marketing capability that is simple to use. Their system helped increase event attendance and program registrations by over 200% within the first 6 months following set-up.

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